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Chapel Hill, April 27, 2016; Great Room at Top of the Hill

Cosmic phenomena, including the origin of the universe, stellar explosions on the surface of white dwarfs, and the evolution of our galaxy, cannot be understood without a proper knowledge of thermonuclear reaction rates. This CoSMS workshop is designed tCoSMSworkshopo build a bridge between these phenomena (big bang, classical novae, and globular clusters) and their underlying nuclear physics processes. We will pursue two specific goals: first, to initiate a new program of computing new stellar models for novae that could impact the evolution of globular clusters; second, to build a significantly improved foundation for estimating thermonuclear reaction rates. Presentations will be given by selected faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. A poster session will accompany the scientific program.


Organizing Committee
Christian Iliadis (UNC and TUNL)
Richard Longland (NCSU and TUNL)
Jordi Jose (Barcelona)
Alain Coc (Orsay)

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