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Andrew L. Cooper (UNC)
Tom Clegg (UNC)
Joaquin Drut (UNC)
Jiangming Yao (UNC)
Gerald Cecil (UNC)
Christian Iliadis (UNC)
Fabian Heitsch (UNC)
Matthew Goodson (UNC) “Chemical Enrichment of the Early Solar System by Supernova Dust Grains”
Keegan Kelly (UNC) “Investigation of the 22Ne(p,γ)23Na Reaction Rate and the Globular Cluster Na-O Anti-correlation”
Kiana Setoodehnia (NC State)
Kent Leung (NC State)
Sean Hunt (UNC) “Proposed Measurements of the 22Ne(α,n)25Mg and 22Ne(α,γ)26Mg Reactions”
Lori Downen (UNC)
Art Champagne (UNC)
Caleb Marshall (NC State) “Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics at NCSU”
Jack Dermigny (UNC)
Richard Longland (NC State)
JJ Hermes (UNC)
Chris Gould (NC State)
Federico Portillo (NC State)
Jordi Jose (UPC Barcelona)
Alain Coc (CSNSM)
Bart Dunlap (UNC)
Kevin Anderson (UNC)
David Little (UNC) “Potential measurements with proposed detectors at LENA”